About SHILPY wood links

Shilpy Wood Links India(P)Ltd. is a company specialized in the manufacture and marketing of solid wood furniture, paneled door, cabinet shutters and timber scantlings for different applications. All products are made out of processed rubber wood which is an eco-friendly and durable solid wood.


  • Shilpy wood has wonderful uniform light natural cream colour and smooth surface. It is eco-friendly and cheap alternative to traditional hard wood.
  • Shilpy wood is as versatile as teak, but cost a fraction of its price.
  • Shilpy wood ensure absolute protection of wood against defects like cupping, warping and wood decaying & destroying agents such as fungus, insects.
  • Shilpy wood is ideal for all requirements. we place utmost care and attend to every detail.
  • Shilpy wood can provide you with wood stained to the required colours like black, rose wood, teak, mahagoni etc.. as you need.
  • Shilpy wood is affordable by all level of humans.

Specifications Rubber Wood Teak Wood
Hardness 680 504.7
Specific Gravity 0.557 0.604
Weight Kg/cu.m 624 676
Shear strength, Parallel to grain Kg/Cm 112 102.3
Compressive Stress, Perpendicular to Grain Kg/Cm 101 101
Tensile stress, Perpendicular to Grain Kg/Cm 59.81 62